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Tell me and I'll forget.
Show me and I'll remember.
Involve me and I'll understand
- Confucius







Brain Plasticity:

The brain is a muscle.

Giving it a harder workout makes you smarter.






Character development
Executive functions
Thinking Skills
Work Force development
Habits of Mind
Qualities & Strategies
Problem Solving




Learning Approach

a place in which a group’ s collective, as well as individual  thinking is valued, visible, and actively promoted  as part of the regular, day-to-day experience of all group members.


Thinking Skills needs to take a more formal place in the learning process.  It should not be hidden away but be a co-equal of each of the core subjects learning.  


  • Creative thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Questioning
  • Reflection
  • System thinking



Projects as vehicles for learning:
  • Feed the World
  • Heal the World
  • Clean the World
  • Power the World
  • Respect the World
  • Connect the World

from WPI



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