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Approach to the class design:


Each class will have an introduction to thinking skills and life skill elements.

Class learning will center around proposing a solution to one of the "World Issues".

The students will work as a team.

Delivery of the content will be a combination on in-class as well as on-line.  The process will include the Flip learning technology for delivery of the material.


Students will focus on one of the  world projects and develop a plan to solve the problem.  It will contain the following sections:

  • What learning strategy did we use to solve the problem?
  • What obstacle's were faced in developing the solution?
  • What "Life Skills" did I need?
  • What is the problem we are solving?
  • What were my references? 
  • If people on the team completed the Business Class, Add a business plan
  • If people on the team completed the Design Class, Add a Design plan



Projects as vehicles for learning:
  • Feed the World
  • Heal the World
  • Clean the World
  • Power the World
  • Respect the World
  • Connect the World

from WPI


Course Description (Outcomes)

Business Processes:



Design Process:


  • Framing the Problem, Finding the Gap
  • Research ... Process
  • Developing lots of Ideas, Divergent View
  • Critical View, Converge the Ideas
  • Developing a Paper Solutions/ Sketching
  • Review and Test ...  providing feedback
  • Innovation/ Entrepreneurship
  • Decision Making 



Thinking Skills:


  • Questions
  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • System Focus
  • Meta-cognitive Thinking
  • Bloom Taxonomy


Life Skills


  • Character Development
  • Work in Teams … Collaboration
  • Work Ethic and Professionalism
  • Habits of Mind ...Costa and Kallick
  • Dialogue … 6 Hats How to create dialogue and not shouting matches
  • Respectful dealing with others ( Professionalism )
  • Executive Functions
  • 5 Minds for the Future ... Howard Gardner
  • Mapping Skills and drawing
  • Listening Skills