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Sketch & Build/Test




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The sketching process is another way (visually) to bring together people to shared their knowledge of many variables and constraints to create a useful design.


Gallery Sketch:



Sketches (examples)


Build & Test
  1. Build the design with existing materials.

  2. Test it against the requirements.

  3. Share your design with others.

  4. Re-build design with the added knowledge of the testing and sharing.



Construct a prototype

  • Classification
  • Claims and evidence
  • Model/ Illustrate
  • Explain
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Problem Solving



Does the team think we need to build it or can we build a model?

What materials, skills & tools do we need?

What ways could we use to test the materials to know what ones are best?

How can we record the design and the design plan?

How can we record any changes we make to the design and the design plan?


Test and evaluate the solution(s)

  • Compare / Contrast
  • Classification
  • Evaluation
  • Claims/ evidence
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Problem Solving
  • Brainstorm



What ways could we use to test the plan?

Do you think we need to evaluate the design? 

When we test, what should we be keeping the same? What is the one that are we changing? (Variable)?

What tools do you think we need to test it?

How can we design this solution so we can easily reproduce it?

How has our thinking change about the design solution/ solving the problem?

What have we learned by testing?


  Prepared by  Bill Wolfson.  Copyright 2011-2013
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