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Convergent Thinking




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During the design process or problem solving we need to apply convergent thinking to narrow our option to a selection.  When we have many options and are not comparing any to an existing one, the best option is to create a decision matrix where we establish a set of judgment criteria down the Y axis and weight each to its importance to judge our possibilities. 





Select the best possible solution(s)

  • Compare / Contrast
  • Classification
  • Evaluation
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Decision Matrix

How do we think it meets all the requirements of the design?

What would happen if…?

Is there a way we can test the solution so we can provide information about the design?

What do we notice might be a problem with the design plan?

What else could we do to solve this problem?



  Prepared by  Bill Wolfson.  Copyright © 2011-2013
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