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Is the first tree and the last tree the same size?

check your assumption and maintain an unbiased view.



Essential Questions:

  1. How can we create lots of new original ideas about a subject working in a group?

  2. How can we teach this creatively?

  Warming Up:


Brainstorming  ... A systematic effort and disciplined practice to produce ideas in a group. Create an uninhibiting environment that would encourage imaginative ideas and thoughts.  The usual method is to have a small group discuss a problem.  ideas are offered by participants one at a time.  one member records ideas and suggestions on a chart or white board.  All withhold judgment.  After the brainstorming session, the various ideas and suggestions are reviewed and evaluated and the group agrees on a final resolution.

 Rule 1: Postpone and withhold your judgment of ideas

Rule 2: Encourage wild and exaggerated ideas

Rule 3: Quantity counts at this stage, not quality

Rule 4: Build on the ideas put forward by others

Rule 5: Every person and every idea has equal worth

Get complete list and description ... These rules were created by www.brainstorming.co.uk.

Problems with Brainstorming





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