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Title Author Grade level
  Two Bobbies   Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery   PreK to 2nd grade


Picture Book, Historical fiction


Summary of the story :
Bobbi and Bob Cat are the best of friends. When their hometown of New Orleans was struck by Hurricane Katrina, many lost everything. But not Bobbi and Bob Cat—they still had each other. Only by staying together could they survive. This is the story of their remarkable friendship.  



Main Characters and supporting ones:  Who do I want to work for?
Bobbie, Bob Cat, Construction workers, Best friends volunteers, Society, Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, Adoptive  family 
Possible Design Challenges:
  • Build a house for Bobbie and Bob Cat
  • Design a food machine to feed them
  • Design a name tag to help them when they meet people
  • Could we design a device to help Bobbie Cat overcome the blindness?
  • How could we prevent the flood happening in New Orleans?
  • Design a better way for the next flood city to take care of the animals.
People Talk sentences:
  • Who's bigger; Bobbie or Bob Cat?
  • What food do they eat?
  • What is a name tag?
  • How did the wind effect the flooding?
  • What do we need to design a system to help the animals?
  How could Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery know exactly what Cat and Dog did during their journey to the animal shelter? But the two animals had to have a history together, so the two writers imagined one.  Could you think of another history of the two together?

Algebra project:
  1. Event
  2. Draw Picture
  3. People Talk
  4. Feature Talk
  5. Symbolic Representation



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