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Title Author Grade level
Dear Mr. Henshaw  Beverly Cleary 4th to 5th




Summary of the story :

The story is about a boy and his family problems with a single mom and a father who drives a big rig across the country delivering goods.

He wants to be an author like the one he corresponds with.  He started this when a teacher asked the students to write something.  To be somebody like an author who people look up to.





Possible Design Challenges:
  • A locator for his traveling father

  • Prevent someone from taking items out of his lunch in school

  • Helping him have friends

  • Design something for his father that would keep him entertained in the truck instead of his dog

  • Keep track of his dog when he gets lost

  • Helping to drive a truck in the snow

  • Making it easier for his mother to make the snakes

  • Helping him write ( design a logging system )

  • A system that reduces the noise from the bell system at the gas station.

  • A system for him to communicate better with his mother and father

  Prepared by  Bill Wolfson.  Copyright 2011
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