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Essential Questions:

  1. What value does a team working together provide in accomplishing the goals?

  2. What are some of the problems in working and can you fix them while in a team environment?

 Project FlowChart:  


  During each of the phases of this creative design process, is a great time to stop and ask the students question around:

  •  what they learned

  •  what problems they faced

  • what questions did they have

  • what they could have done better and why?


Communicate the solution(s)

  • Compare / Contrast
  • Classification
  • Claims/ Evidence
  • Drawing Conclusions


Who are our audience and what are they expecting to hear?

Do you notice any conclusions or facts we have not tested?

Is there anything we could change so everyone can understand the ideas we have?

Do you think we could use graphs or tables to show our results?

How could we revise this to make it clearer to the audience?



  • Compare / Contrast
  • Classification
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Reflective thinking


What does the team notice we have learned?

What do we could do differently?

What was our thought process?

What did you used to think and what do you think now?

What did you notice was helpful to you in this process?


  Prepared by  Bill Wolfson.  Copyright 2010-2013
Last Updated  01/19/2013